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Looking for a brighter smile for that special occasion? Opalescence™ can help! Available as a take home or through an in-office treatment, Opalescence™ is a safe and effective way to make your teeth sparkle.

Among the many teeth whitening procedures that our dentist offers, the Opalescence™ in-office system is one of the most highly recommended. Opalescence™ is a dentist-applied a chemically activated power whitening gel that contains potassium nitrate, fluoride, and a powerful 40% hydrogen peroxide gel is chemically activated, so it doesn’t require a hot, uncomfortable light to work.

Opalescence™ in-office treatments use a chemically activated power whitening gel that requires no hot or uncomfortable lights to work. They are performed by a dentist who will use two syringes to restore your discolored teeth. The first contains a 40% percent solution of hydrogen peroxide, the active tooth-whitening ingredient. The second contains fluoride and potassium nitrate (PF), which helps strengthen tooth enamel, reduce sensitivity and protect against teeth cavities. After being mixed together as a gel, they are applied to help brighten your teeth and remove discoloration.

The gel produces a distinct red color which helps ensure correct placement and full removal of the product. Although Opalescence™ has been used to whiten teeth for over three decades, additional treatments may be needed to achieve a brighter smile, remove difficult stains or whiten extremely discolored teeth.

Available only through a licensed dental professional, Opalescence™ is also available as a take-home kit which includes a teeth whitening gel that contains fluoride, potassium nitrate and a chemically activated light. Your dentist will also give you custom made trays to help your smile sparkle. Often recommended for people who suffer from teeth sensitivity, Opalescence™ at-home treatments are also ideal for people who want customized whitening without sitting in an office.

Opalescence™ is just one of the many teeth whitening options available at North Hills Family Dental. If you want a brighter smile right now, call us at 412-364-1477 to schedule a consultation.

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