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Tooth Extractions in Pittsburgh

Gentle, Caring Treatment

Tooth Extractions

At North Hills Family Dental, Dr. Mauro provides gentle, minimally-invasive tooth extractions for patients in need of tooth removal. At our office, we understand that having a tooth extracted can feel intimidating, so we offer sedation options and use modern extraction techniques to make the process fast and painless. If you think you need a wisdom tooth extraction in North Hills, or if you have a damaged, decayed tooth that needs to be removed, schedule a consultation today.


When Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

The most common reason for tooth extraction is the improper growth of wisdom teeth. However, tooth extractions may also be required for a number of other reasons. If you have an infected tooth that cannot be treated with endodontic surgery, for example, it may need to be removed. Tooth extractions may also be necessary if you have multiple damaged teeth as the result of gum disease or an oral injury. Extractions may also be required to prepare for a dental restoration like a denture, dental implant, or a bridge.

Knowing What to Expect With

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the rearmost set of molars in our mouths, which usually grow in between the ages of 18-25. However, most of us do not have enough space in our mouths to accommodate a third set of molars. This is particularly true of patients who have had braces. This lack of room in our mouths often causes the surrounding teeth to shift or even become damaged when wisdom teeth grow in. For this reason, most people opt to have their wisdom teeth removed once they start to erupt in order to prevent discomfort and damage to their teeth.

What To Expect

The Basic Extraction Process

Before the extraction begins, your mouth will be cleaned and Dr. Mauro will numb the area. You can also opt to be sedated during this procedure if you feel it would make your experience more comfortable. Dr. Mauro will then use specialized tools to loosen the tooth in its socket. Once it has been loosened, a dental forceps is used to grasp the tooth firmly by the root and pull it out. After the tooth is removed, Dr. Mauro will clean the area and suture it shut. This process only takes about 5 minutes per tooth.

The Benefits of 

Tooth Extractions

While a tooth extraction is always our last resort option at North Hills Family Dental, having your tooth extracted does have some benefits if there is no other choice. First and foremost, extracting a damaged or broken tooth can provide you with relief from your pain and discomfort. A seriously infected or deteriorated tooth can cause an unbearably painful toothache and other uncomfortable symptoms like tooth sensitivity. An extraction allows you to eliminate this pain and discomfort permanently.

In addition, tooth extractions can help prevent further complications and symptoms. An infected tooth, for example, can cause serious health issues like swelling of the face and neck if left untreated. In rare cases, it could even cause a blood infection (sepsis), which can be life-threatening. Similarly, impacted wisdom teeth can cause an aching jaw, a high risk of infection, and other such problems. Removing these teeth when they can’t be saved will ensure that you avoid potentially troublesome complications.

Counter-intuitively, tooth extraction can also help you restore your smile. If a damaged or broken tooth is extracted by Dr. Lawrence Mauro, you’ll have the option to replace it once your mouth heals. With a restorative treatment like a partial denture, dental bridge, or dental implant, you can get your smile back, and restore its natural appearance and function.

Is A Tooth Extraction Painful?

What You Need To Know

Despite what you may think, the process of having a tooth extracted is not painful. You won’t experience any discomfort or pain during the process. At North Hills Family Dental, Dr. Mauro uses the latest numbing products to ensure that you don’t feel any pain throughout the extraction process. We even offer sedation, which can help keep you feeling more comfortable and safe throughout the procedure.

However, while the process of extracting your tooth will not cause you any pain or discomfort, it’s common for patients to experience some pain for the next several days after their extraction, while their mouth heals and recovers from their surgery.

Recovering From Treatment

Tooth Extraction Healing Time

In total, it will take about 2 weeks for your mouth to fully recover from the extraction process. Dr. Mauro will provide you with a comprehensive set of instructions to follow while you heal, to ensure that you can recover from treatment quickly.

For the first 24 hours after your treatment, make sure to take it easy. Avoid heavy exercise and exertion, and do not spit, rinse your mouth forcefully, or drink through a straw, as this can dislodge your blood clot and cause a painful condition known as “dry socket.”

You can start gently rinsing your mouth after 24 hours to clean your mouth and extraction site. You should eat a diet of soft foods for at least 5-7 days after extraction to avoid pain, discomfort, and damage to the extraction site.

After about a week, your mouth will feel much less tender, and you will notice much less bruising, tenderness, and inflammation. You can brush the area normally, and usually start eating your normal diet.

After about 2 weeks, the area should feel almost completely normal, though the extraction site may still be slightly tender when you apply pressure to it. It’s not normal to feel serious pain and discomfort after 1-2 weeks. If you are experiencing pain after this time, contact Dr. Mauro right away for a follow-up.

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Get Gentle Tooth Extractions In North Hills!

At North Hills Family Dental, Dr. Mauro understands that the process of a tooth extraction can be intimidating. That’s why we use the latest techniques, numbing agents, and sedative options to keep you feeling comfortable and safe throughout the entire process. Contact us at (412) 364-1477, or come to our office at 9401 McKnight Road, Suite 307, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 to schedule a consultation in person.

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