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Pediatric Dentistry provided by a General Dentist

A general dentist providing  

Pediatric Dentistry

Did you know that regular dental visits are recommended for children as young as 6-months? This is when a child’s first tooth usually erupts, and it’s also when you should schedule their first dental appointment. One of the greatest gifts you can give your kid is good, life-long oral health. And North Hills Family Dental is the perfect environment to teach children of all ages to enjoy their visits and set them on the path to healthy dental hygiene.

Apply the 

2-2-2 Rule

In order to instill basic habits that help maintain oral hygiene from a young age, Dr. Mauro is a major proponent of teaching kids the “2-2-2 Rule.” The rules are simple: 2 visits each year, and brush and floss 2 times each day for 2 minutes. North Hills Family Dental is happy to help your kids start their oral health journey on the right foot with fun toothpaste flavors and special bubblegum floss! Just remember, toothpaste and floss aren’t meant to be eaten. So take care to watch your children brush and floss while they’re learning.

Prevent and protect with

Dental Sealants

One of the best reasons to bring your children to the dentist early is that it gives us an idea of what their oral health will look like in the future. This allows us to catch problems before they become painful, or prevent them altogether. Molar cavities, for example, are common in young children but are easily preventable with a protective dental sealant. The sealant literally seals the tooth with a clear, protective layer. It is liquid until cured, so it can get into the small crevices of the molars to form a barrier between your child’s healthy teeth and any sugars and bacteria that can cause tooth decay. It’s a simple preventative measure we can take to help your child maintain good oral health for life.



Kid’s oral health is important for so many reasons. The health of a child’s smile often influences their oral health as adults. And the better your child’s relationship is with their dentist, the more likely they are to prioritize their oral health as they grow. If you need tips on how to instill good brushing and flossing habits in your child, or just have questions about pediatric dentistry provided by our general dentist, call the team at North Hills Family Dental today.

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