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Dental Implants

$99 implant consult: X-rays, CBCT scan, and photos



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Are Dental Implants right for you?

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It’s difficult to know whether a dental implant is the right treatment for you without the help of an expert. That’s why Dr. Mauro of North Hills Family Dentistry offers a $99 dental implant consultation, which includes a full set of x-rays, Cone Beam scans, and photos of your smile. X-rays, photos and scans help us examine the health of your remaining teeth as well as your entire mouth. CBCT scans will be especially helpful as they allow us to see bone and soft tissue. Understanding the health of your jawbone and gums is the first step in determining the treatment plan that will be most successful for you. The team at North Hills can help you get your smile back. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation.

The process for receiving 

Dental implants

In order to craft dental implants that look and feel like the real thing, we use advanced 3D CBCT scanners to map the contours of your jaw and teeth. This technology requires even less radiation exposure than x-rays and gives us a detailed map for placing your new dental implant.

Using information from these scans, Dr. Mauro will accurately place a metal post into the gum and jaw where your old tooth used to be. Your gum and jaw are then given time to heal around the post, which will act as an artificial root for your new tooth. Once you’ve healed, Dr. Mauro will craft a custom crown using the scans to precisely mimic the size and shape of your old tooth. The crown is then secured to the post with an abutment, and the result is a perfectly fitting dental implant that looks and feel seamless in your smile.

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Although patients have a variety of treatment options, dental implants are the most permanent and longest-lasting choice. Depending on the state of your oral health, they may be the best option for you. But you won’t know until you schedule a consultation with Dr. Mauro at North Hills Family Dentistry. Contact us with any questions about dental implants, and we’ll do all we can to give you back your smile.

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