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Dental Fillings in Pittsburgh


Restore Decayed Teeth

Dental Fillings

If you think that you may have a cavity in Pittsburgh or North Hills, Dr. Lawrence Mauro is here to help. At North Hills Family Dental, we offer convenient care at affordable rates. So don’t wait. Read on to learn more about treating cavities with dental fillings, or contact us now to get the dental care you need in Pittsburgh. 

Signs That You May

Need A Dental Filling

There are a number of different things that may indicate that you have a cavity. The most common symptom is tooth sensitivity. Your tooth may ache or hurt when you consume hot and cold foods or drinks, when you bite and chew, or when you consume very sugary foods or drinks.

In some cases, you may also begin to experience toothaches that seem to happen randomly. This could indicate a deep cavity that may be at risk of becoming a tooth infection. 

If you recognize any of the above symptoms, you should get in touch with North Hills Family Dental for an appointment right away. Early intervention with a filling can restore your tooth, prevent further complications, and save you a lot of time and money in the long run. 

What To Expect

From Your Filling Treatment

The filling treatment process takes one appointment at North Hills Family Dental, and it usually takes between 30-60 minutes to have a single tooth filled. Dr. Mauro will begin by cleaning your mouth thoroughly, and numbing the treatment area using a topical spray and numbing needle. This ensures you feel no discomfort.

Then, Dr. Mauro will begin trimming your tooth with a dental drill to remove decayed enamel. When the cavity has been trimmed and cleaned, he will apply a tooth-colored resin directly to the area, and use dental tools to shape the resin until it looks just like a natural part of your tooth.

Next, Dr. Mauro will harden the filling with a UV light to ensure it maintains its shape, and trim and refine it with a dental drill to ensure it fits into your mouth perfectly. Your bite will be checked to make sure the filling fits properly, and if everything looks good, your filling will get a final polish and you’ll be sent home.

How To Care

For Your Newly-Filled Tooth

You can expect your newly-filled tooth to be a bit sore for a few days after treatment, and intermittent sensitivity may occur for a few weeks after treatment. You should get a followup at our office if you continue to experience serious pain and discomfort 1-2 weeks after your procedure.

To keep your new filling strong, all you need to do is brush and floss normally and see the team at North Hills Family Dental for a consultation and teeth cleaning every six months. With proper oral care, you can expect your filling to last at least 10 years or longer. 

Contact Us

For More Information

Think you may need a filling in Pittsburgh or North Hills? Don’t wait. Get the treatment you need to keep your smile strong and healthy by contacting North Hills Family Dental online or giving us a call at (412) 364-1477. Dr. Mauro is always accepting new patients, so we hope to see you soon.

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