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Dental Bonding In Pittsburgh


Reshape Your Smile

Dental Bonding

With dental bonding in Pittsburgh and North Hills from Dr. Lawrence Mauro, you can restore and reshape your smile without breaking the bank. Dental bonding can correct a wide variety of cosmetic issues, and it’s usually cheaper than alternative treatments like dental veneers. Read on to learn more and see if bonding is right for you, or contact North Hills Family Dental for an appointment now.

What Is

Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic treatment that’s meant to treat a wide variety of aesthetic issues with your smile. Depending on your situation, it can be used to cover up stained teeth, reshape misshapen teeth, fill in gaps between your teeth, and even to repair minor chips and damage to your teeth.


This treatment uses a special type of composite dental resin. This is similar to the tooth-colored material used to fill decayed teeth. This resin is applied directly to the outside of your tooth by Dr. Mauro. Then he will shape and sculpt it using dental tools to restore the overall shape of your tooth and improve your smile.


Dental bonding is fast, affordable, and useful for a wide variety of different cosmetic issues, so it’s a very popular treatment at our office, particularly when paired with other treatments like teeth whitening. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mauro to learn more and see if dental bonding at North Hills Family Dental is right for you.

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What Do I Do

If I Chip A Tooth?

First, you should call (412) 364-1477 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mauro. We offer same-day emergency dentistry in Pittsburgh and North Hills, so you can get treatment right away.


If the chip is minor and only affects the outer layer of the tooth, dental bonding or a veneer may be recommended to reshape and restore your tooth, and cover up the damage. However, if the chip is very deep, a dental crown may be needed, since crowns are more effective at covering up and protecting broken and cracked teeth.

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Is Dental Bonding

A Permanent Treatment?

Just like all other cosmetic dentistry treatments, dental bonding will eventually wear out, so it’s not considered to be a “permanent” treatment. However, it is quite long-lasting. Depending on how well you care for your smile, you can expect your bonding to last between 5-7 years, and some patients will keep their bonded teeth for 10+ years. 


The best way to keep your teeth looking great is to brush twice a day and floss once per day, and to see Dr. Mauro for a teeth cleaning every six months. At your appointment, Dr. Mauro can check on your oral health and ensure your natural teeth and bonded teeth are in great shape.


Have Questions?

Contact Us Today!

Ready to get started with dental bonding? To explore your options for cosmetic dentistry in Pittsburgh and North Hills, just contact North Hills Family Dental online or give us a call at (412) 364-1477. We’re always here to help you get the treatment you need for a brilliant, beautiful smile.

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