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North Hills Family Dental is made up of more than just friendly professionals who do their jobs well. It also houses the advanced technologies that allow us to care for your oral health to the best of our abilities. We continue to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques that make procedures faster, more accurate and more comfortable – because our goal is to see you smiling at every appointment. 

Technology that gives us

A closer look

During regular exams, your doctor will use loupes to get a good look at your teeth. The 8X Loupes have the highest magnification available in dentistry. With these powerful devices, we’re able to see more detail, spotting the tiniest issues and stopping them before they become even larger problems.

For root issues, we use an endodontic microscope, which allows us to see the roots of your teeth without causing irritation to the tooth and gums. It makes endodontic treatment and root canal therapy easier and more predictable for the doctor and patient. 

Patients also receive a full set of digital x-rays regularly to help us identify cavities and stay on top of potential problems. With digital x-rays and CBCT technology, patients get a more comprehensive examination in a shorter appointment. Digital x-rays and CBCT scans can be processed and transferred to a monitor for the doctor and patient to view together in a matter of minutes. 


More Precise


The delicate work of replacing damaged teeth and placing dental implants relies heavily on the skill of your dentist, the methods they practice, and the technology they employ. We offer CBCT scans that aid in the planning of your restoration, providing you with a custom dental implant and a seamless fit. When you’re in our hands, you’ll also receive faster, gentler, more precise treatment with our advanced surgical soft tissue lasers and 3M True Definition Digital Scanner. By using the best dental technology available, North Hills Family Dental takes better care of your oral health and keeps you smiling.



We believe that all our patients deserve safe and comprehensive treatment. That’s why we use the latest technology that garners the best results. But if you ever have any questions about a technology, technique or treatment, feel free to reach out to the North Hills Family Dental team. We’re always here for you. 

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