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Is It Safe To See The Dentist For A Dental Emergency During COVID-19?

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency in Pittsburgh or North Hills, you may be wondering if it’s safe to see an emergency dentist like Dr. Lawrence Mauro of North Hills Family Dental. Can you see the dentist safely during the COVID-19 outbreak? Should you go to the ER instead? Get answers to all of these questions and more in this blog.

North Hills Family Dental Is Taking Precautions To Provide You With A Safe Visit

At our office, we’re implementing every precaution we can to ensure that emergency patients get the dental care they need while remaining safe from COVID-19 and any other infectious illness.

We have always followed ADA, OSHA, and CDC guidelines for decontaminating operatories and tools, wearing PPE, and cleaning our office, but we have stepped up our efforts further to reduce the spread of potentially harmful pathogens.

In addition, we have introduced patient questionnaires to ensure that we do not treat individuals who may have tested positive for COVID-19, and we have reconfigured our waiting area to maintain proper social distancing between patients.

You can trust Dr. Mauro and the team at North Hills Family Dental to give you the dental care you need while minimizing your risk of exposure, so don’t wait. Contact us now if you need emergency care in Pittsburgh.

An ER Visit Could Put You At Risk, And Is Not Necessary For Most Dental Emergencies

Think you should go to the ER for a dental emergency? Think again. Most ERs are not equipped to handle common dental emergencies, and visiting the ER is very expensive compared to seeing an emergency dentist. You only need to go to the ER if you have a life-threatening dental issue like a broken jaw, or an issue that’s interfering with proper breathing.

Not only that, but going to the ER could put you at a higher risk of contracting an infectious disease like COVID-19. Many people may be visiting the ER to be checked or to get care for coronavirus, so even with proper cleaning, sanitization, and social distancing, your risk is higher at the ER compared to an emergency dental office like North Hills Family Dental.

You Should Never Wait To Get Emergency Dental Care In Pittsburgh

Thinking about “waiting out” the pandemic to get the dental care you need? Waiting to get emergency dental care is never a good idea. Some conditions, like an infected tooth, can get much worse without proper treatment, and result in serious complications.

It’s best to get emergency dental care as soon as you notice the issue. Early intervention is the best way to get relief, minimize the risk of complications, and keep your smile healthy. 

Contact Us To Get A Same-Day Emergency Appointment Right Away

We have implemented the strictest possible safety procedures at our office, and are using advanced technology and tools to keep our patients healthy and minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19.

So if you need emergency dental care in Pittsburgh, don’t wait. Come to North Hills Family Dental now, and get the treatment you need to restore your smile and preserve your oral health. Contact (412) 364-1477 to schedule a same-day appointment.

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