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How Should I Care For My New Smile After A Cosmetic Makeover?

If you’ve invested in a cosmetic makeover for your smile, you’re probably very proud of your new smile and want to keep it in great shape for as long as you can. So, what steps can you take to safeguard your pearly whites against tooth decay, gum disease, and damage? Here are our top tips at North Hills Family Dental for caring for your new smile:

1. Make Sure You’re Brushing And Flossing Properly

There is no substitute for good oral hygiene. Make sure that you are brushing at least twice per day, for at least 2 minutes. Brushing after meals and before bed is a good way to make sure you prevent stains, and eliminate plaque buildup.

You should also floss once per day. Flossing removes bacteria, plaque and food debris that even the best electric toothbrush can’t break loose, so make sure you’re flossing regularly.

2. Come In For An Appointment Every Six Months

During oral exams and cleanings, Dr. Mauro will check on your oral health and make sure that your mouth is free of any issues like cavities or gum disease. In addition, your dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth during your appointment, and buff your teeth to a shine with a powerful polishing toothpaste, which helps keep your smile looking great.

3. Stop Using Tobacco Products

If you use tobacco products and have just had a cosmetic makeover to eliminate issues like tooth stains and yellowing, this is the perfect opportunity to stop smoking or using oral tobacco. If you keep using tobacco, it is only a matter of time before your teeth become stained and discolored again.

4. Consider Whitening Touch-Ups

If you’ve had your teeth whitened, an occasional touch-up every year or two can help you maintain a bright, white smile. These touch-ups can often be delivered alongside a regular teeth cleaning, so they’re very convenient.

5. Be Careful When Chewing Hard Foods (And Avoid Non-Food Objects)

If you have a cosmetic crown, dental veneers, or have had dental bonding, be very careful about chewing hard foods like nuts and ice. Chew these with your molars, and avoid doing so with your front teeth, or your dental work could become damaged.

You should also avoid chewing non-food objects like pens and fingernails, and using your teeth as tools when doing things like opening bags and packages, since this could damage your dental work.

Keep Your Smile In Great Shape With These Tips!

A smile makeover is a fantastic way to restore your self-esteem and confidence, and treat a variety of cosmetic issues. But your new smile can become damaged if it isn’t cared for properly, so follow these tips to keep it in great shape.

Haven’t had a smile makeover yet? Contact North Hills Family Dental now for a consultation. Dr. Mauro will examine your mouth and recommend the cosmetic procedures that are right for your needs and your budget, and help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Give us a call at (412) 364-1477 to get started, or stop by our office at 9401 McKnight Road, Suite 307, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 for more information.

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