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How to Choose a Dentist for Your Family

Are you looking for a great family dentist in North Hills or Pittsburgh? We understand that you want to find a dental professional who will give you the services you and your family need. There are a few steps you can take to ensure you choose the right family dentist, no matter how old your
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Can an Emergency Dentist Do a Root Canal?

Do you have a painful toothache? Wondering if an emergency dentist in North Hills like Dr. Laurence Mauro is qualified to perform endodontic treatment like a root canal? We’ll break down the basics about root canals and emergency dentistry below. Read on, and get the answers you need.  Emergency Dentists Are Qualified to Perform Root
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Can A Root Canal Cause A Sinus Infection? Everything You Need To Know

If you’ve recently had a root canal and your sinuses feel stuffy, you may be wondering if your procedure is the cause of these symptoms. Can a root canal cause a sinus infection? The team at North Hills Family Dental wants you to know what to expect after every restorative dental procedure, so here’s everything
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