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Teeth Whitening (KöR)

Whiter Teeth With Proven Results

From an upcoming wedding to an important job interview, there are many reasons why our patients seek professionally whiter teeth. Known as the most effective teeth whitening system in the world, our KöR whitening system has been revolutionizing smiles for millions of patients every year. With a strong reputation of proven results, our unique tooth whitening services does away with the hype of regular drugstore whitening and light/laser whitening treatments to provide teeth whitening that actually works! Let your inner confidence shine by calling us today at 412-364-1477 for your teeth whitening appointment.

What Makes KöR Teeth Whitening Unique?

KöR Whitening for Better Confidence

A cosmetically beautiful smile should feel comfortable and simple to attain. Drugstore teeth whitening often offers inconsistent or unreliable results, and similar systems only result in sensitive teeth. KöR offers a premier teeth whitening service from start to finish by offering consistent and comfortable teeth whitening for lower tooth sensitivity and reliable results.

In addition, KöR is the first teeth whitening system in the world to refrigerate its whitening gels from initial manufacture to when it reaches the dental practice. This refrigeration virtually stops the degradation of chemicals in bleaching gels to maintain up to 100% of their effectiveness from the day they were made. Patients receive highly effective teeth whitening they can count on with KöR whitening at our office in Pittsburgh.

Your Teeth Whitening Process

Pittsburgh Teeth Whitening

Countless patients are thrilled when they can say goodbye to stains or discolorations on their teeth that have held them back from feeling their best. At your teeth whitening appointment our teeth whitening process can help you achieve a whiter smile in just a few short steps:

  • Dr. Mauro will create custom whitening trays to fit comfortably over your teeth
  • Using KöR whitening gel patients wear their trays to bed for several weeks
  • After 2 weeks Dr. Mauro will examine the results of your refreshed smile
  • A one hour accelerated in office bleach whitens your teeth to provide maximum results!
  • Results are long-lasting but may require touch-ups from time to time

Easy preventive at-home tips can help ensure that your newly whitened teeth continue looking and feeling great long after initial treatment. Avoiding or drinking less sodas and coffees (which are known to cause staining) as well as reducing or avoiding smoking can significantly improve your chances of maintaining a whiter, more esthetic smile. For best results visiting your dentist for touch-ups as needed is also available.

Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. Mauro

Achieving your ideal smile doesn’t have to involve a lengthy or painful process. At North Hills Family Dental we help patients reach smiles they feel like themselves in, with care that is gentle and painless. Whether you need one or more teeth replaced with a dental crown or dental bridge, or a more cosmetically beautiful smile with professional teeth whitening, we’re here to make your dream smile a reality. If you’re tired of being underwhelmed by your smile give us a call at 412-364-1477 to whiten your smile and light up the room with a more confident set of teeth.

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