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Root Canals

When you look in the bathroom mirror it can be difficult to tell what’s causing the pain in the back of your mouth. At our office, Dr. Mauro is able to quickly find the cause of your toothache and develop a painless solution. If a deep cavity, broken tooth, or decay is giving you a painfully obvious reason to worry about your smile it might be time to ask us about root canal therapy. For more information about our restorative services give us a call at 412-364-1477 to schedule your appointment.

What is a Root Canal?

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Healthy Teeth Start Within

When the pulp or soft inner tissue of the tooth is infected it can send pain down through the mouth, jaw and surrounding areas. This irritable or painful condition is known as a root canal and gradually worsens if left untreated. In the old days, bothersome teeth were simply pulled out! But when you come in for care our team uses the most efficient tools and methods to preserve a healthy tooth structure for smiles that let you keep their teeth!

Before Root Canal Therapy

Protecting the Inner Structure of Your Teeth

Endodontics refers to the branch of dentistry concerned with treating diseases or injuries that affect the soft inner tissue or “pulp” of the tooth. Before your root canal procedure begins, Dr. Mauro will discuss your concerns to find the best approach to treatment that leaves you feeling comfortable and in control of the process. As treatment begins, a local anesthesia is gently applied to create a pain-free experience from start to finish. For patients who have a fear of the dentist or wish to achieve deeper relaxation, modern dentistry offers many comforting benefits.

During Root Canal Therapy

After local anesthesia is administered, a small hole is made into the tooth to access the infected pulp and remove the source of any pain. The empty root canal is then sanitized and filled with a rubber-like natural polymer called gutta-percha. To complete the treatment, a filling or dental crown seals the opening in the tooth for added support and protection. After treatment your tooth may feel as strong as any naturally healthy tooth. By brushing and flossing twice daily patients can reduce their risks of developing cavities or gum disease and maintain the success of their root canal treatment.

Your Appointment With Us

A Brighter Future With Whiter Teeth

If it’s been longer than six months since your last dental checkup, or if you’ve noticed a change in your dental health, give us a call at 412-364-1477 for a consultation. We offer painless and gentle treatments so each of our patients can achieve better dental health in a relaxing environment.

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