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Dental Implant Restorations

dental implants

Relax Into a Healthier, More Beautiful Smile

Our staff understands that tooth loss can be difficult to cope with or understand, making it difficult to eat or speak and affecting your willingness to smile. If a missing tooth or teeth is drawing too much attention to the loss of your smile, dental implants offer a natural looking dental solution. After Dr. Mauro guides you through a comprehensive exam, the dental implant process can revolutionize your smile and self-esteem for a more confident and functional set of natural looking teeth. To schedule your consultation give us a call at 412-364-1477.

Bone Scanning 3D CBCT

Regular dental or facial x-rays may not be sufficient for patients who seek comprehensive care with dental implants. Our 3D dental cone beam technology produces high quality images of your teeth, bone, soft tissues and nerve pathways for a detailed examination of your current dental condition. These cutting edge ultra low dose X-rays not only capture the entire mouth and teeth in exceptional detail but they also only require a small fraction of the radiation exposure of traditional intraoral X-rays. Your personal 3D image of your oral health is then used as a roadmap to generate an ideal treatment plan to deliver custom made dental implants that look just like your healthy personalized teeth and naturally fit into your mouth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Better Health with a Stronger Smile

Dental implants offer patients a unique cosmetic solution to their smiles for many reasons. If you are thinking of restoring your smile consider the benefits of dental implants below:

  • Colormatched and shaped to fit your natural looking smile
  • Prevents or reduces jawbone loss after missing teeth
  • Prevents remaining teeth from traveling or shifting)
  • Supports better teeth alignment and bite formation
  • Unlike dentures, dental implants are fixed into the mouth
  • Can last a lifetime with a good dental hygiene routine

Benefits of Dental Implants

Two Steps for a Stronger Smile

For patients who want to permanently replace one or more missing teeth, dental implants can provide a lifetime of carefree smiles with restored teeth. During the dental implant process, a specialized dental surgeon carefully positions your dental implant into the jaw. A local anesthesia and sedation dentistry may be used for gentle and painless treatment. After the area heals a replacement tooth (dental crown) is placed at our office. Your smile with dental implants may look, feel and function just like a healthy set of teeth for a smile you can feel confident in for years to come.

Restore Your Smile with Us

If missing a tooth or teeth is interfering with your abilities to eat, speak or smile the way you want to, dental implants can offer revolutionary results. At our office Dr. Mauro helps patients of all backgrounds and stages in their dental health find a solution that works. Give us a call at 412-364-1477 to set an appointment and take the first steps to achieving your ideal smile.

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