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Dental Hygiene (Prophylaxis)

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How Healthy Are Your Mouth and Teeth?

According to the American Dental Association, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults today. Although symptoms of this disease may seem painless at first, the condition is known to worsen rapidly over time and lead to the decay or eventual loss of one or more teeth. Our staff at North Hills Family Dental believes your teeth should last a lifetime. By practicing a good dental hygiene routine at home with professional cleanings every six months your teeth and smile can stay healthy for a lifetime.

Risks of Tooth Loss

Reducing Risks and Improving Health

After one or more teeth are lost, the results may be more significant than a change in the appearance of your smile. If you have lost one or more teeth consider improving your health and smile to reduce the risks of tooth loss:

  • Rapid bone loss in the jaw after a tooth is lost
  • Shifts or changes in the position of existing teeth
  • Uneven pressure placed on remaining teeth
  • Change in bite and increased risks of TMJ or jaw pain
  • Increased risks for gum disease and further tooth loss

When you take care of your dental health the results can have positive effects on the health of your entire body. Whether it’s been six months since your last dental appointment or much longer, our staff can provide advanced preventive and conservative care for gentle treatments that support your health and comfort

Bad Breath? We Treat That!

Halitosis Treatment with Us

Bad breath (Halitosis) can be an embarrassing predicament for you or your peers no matter the social situation. Finding the cause of this uncomfortable condition may not be as simple as carrying breath mints around everywhere you go. If having bad breath is affecting your self esteem and comfort a complete dental exam may have a solution. After a thorough exam and review over your dietary and medical history, Dr. Mauro can recommend several treatment options for worry-free breath and a more confident lifestyle.

Free Cancer Screenings with Oral ID

Receive a Free Scan at Your Next Appointment

The next time you come into the office for a six month cleaning or dental exam you might be curious about a small tool we use that emits blue light. This small unique device is actually known as Oral ID technology, which conveniently scans for early detection of abnormalities in your mouth. To find out more give us a call at 412-364-1477 or learn more by exploring our services page on free oral cancer screenings at North Hills Family Dental.

Your Six Month Appointment

Dental Patient Room

For a Professional Cleaning Every Six Months

Our team is proud of all of our regular brushers and flossers who maintain a positive dental hygiene routine at home. By practicing these simple preventive tips and coming in for a professional cleaning every six months, Dr. Mauro and his team can monitor your dental health and create a treatment plan for healthier teeth year-round. To schedule your next visit with us give us a call at 412-364-1477.

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